our commitment to the pursuit of craft cannabis flower


At Emerald Cannabis Worx...

...we are constantly seeking ways to deliver on the complex terpene profiles of each specific strain, focusing time and energy on the fundamental processes that yield a great finished product. Our OLCC licensed Tier 1 grow facility is an independent farm that is family owned & operated.

Clean Flower for a Lifted Experience

Since the inception of the regulated cannabis marketplace, the need for harmful pesticides, fungicides & herbicides is no longer commonplace. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not use these products, nor have we ever. With our customer's health and experience in mind in everything that we do, our passion to produce craft cannabis flower demands the highest quality in cultivation practices. All finished flower meets rigorous internal criteria prior to sending it for analysis at an OLCC licensed laboratory.

Hand Crafted means Human Hands...

Small batches of fine flowers deserve the best treatment which is why we have made the decision to use expert trimmers that manicure the large, dense buds rather than machines. This ensures the integrity of the flower and the best representation of the strain's visual appeal & aromatic characteristics.

Small Batches

Our sole mission is to deliver a consistently excellent cannabis flower that is defined by a robust terpene appeal & a freshness that can only be associated with our farm. By growing small quantities on a monthly basis, we will gain a cult following of cannaseurs that appreciate the quality & consistency of fresh flower.

Tell a Friend...

If you have enjoyed our shelf appeal & the experience of our flowers, please turn a friend on to our farm. Follow us on Instagram @emeraldcannabisworx. Most importantly, tell a bud tender about us so that we can get some representation in your favorite store! Thank you! Your support is vital to our success in this exciting market!